August 2006 Liverpool

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Leaving France for Liverpool wonderful views of Liverpool as we arrived.


We where lucky that the captainer offered to look after our boat and herb garden while we were away in Liverpool, always a nice feeling knowing someone is looking after our boat when away, many trips to airports this month.

It was a wonderful feeling hanging clothes up in my mum's wardrobe and staying with mum for a week. Mike (son) managed to transfer his work place to Liverpool for Radio Air station while we are here, Mike took photo below from his office window in the tower.

My home town and view of Liverpool & River Mersey, Mike did enjoy working here.


We enjoyed our time with family in Liverpool, my brothers & sisters 8 of us were here together with our own families over 40 immediate family members came together for a week of celebrations, (unfortunately not everyone could make it).

We had much to celebrate this month, we all enjoyed special time with our own families . Nephew Theo & Gemma celebrated their engagement. Nephew Keith became a dad when partner Emma safely gave birth to a daughter two days after mum's birthday.

Two grand children now for sister Jean, think that makes 8 great children for my mum now? Family keeps growing.

Sister Sharon & family with their boat Charisma in Liverpool marina, next to Albert Dock.


Brother in law Tommy had a car delivered to mum's for our arrival in Liverpool it was such a help during our stay. We drove to Manchester airport two days later as our daughter Louise was flying in from Canada.

It was a scary time flying with all the problems this month with the terrorists being arrested the same day Louise was flying, all was well, and it caused her little problems, she even arrived early. Later that day drove back to pick up daughter Teresa and partner Jo from Manchester after they finished work.

It was wonderful all our family together we all went out for a meal such a change being in Liverpool, colder too. It was a busy week many invitations out much coming & going... enjoyed an evening on Sharon & Tommy's sailing boat Charisma with their family seen above and a meal out in town later sadly time & weather did not permit us going out for a sail on the river mersey. Sharon had this cake made for the birthday girl's, and it was enjoyed by all.

Niece Rebecca pictured with her dad shares the same birthday as mum.

-   -

It was thanks to brother Frank (seen above with daughter) who managed to arrange this special day, many telephone call's and much organization helped to pull the family together, here we are all enjoying catching up with each other.

Mum's garden was filled with sunshine many happy faces.

-   -

Mum at home with her family celebrating her 75th birthday


This photo I took as the sun was setting, we all had such a wonderful day, all the family brought enough food for 10 more BBQ's in spite of brother Frank's instructions on what to bring.

All the children (including us grown up's) had a wonderful time. 10 cousins enjoyed a good night out together getting a bus into Liverpool town center, leaving us parents to chat, nice to see our children enjoying being together as seen below. Not so very long ago my sisters and I where doing the same thing and mum would baby sit for us to enjoy a night out when we all came home.

My nieces & nephews had a ball in Liverpool celebrating also Theo & Gemma's engagement.

-   -

Mum with some of her grandchildren & great grandchildren, can we have some cake Nan!

-   -

Sadly mum does not enjoy good health and has a great deal of pain to deal with, but this day gave her a glow that she will remember with a smile, especially when she see's all the photos I took (many). I am sure these few I choose give you a taste of our special day together.


Nephew Connor welcomes mum's dog Sam back from vet... dog had too much to eat at BBQ

Nephew Connor was glad to see Sam back to good health Mum's dog caused us worry a few days after BBQ.

Sam was so quiet and off his food a visit to the vet sorted him out with antibiotics, he was soon back to normal keeping us awake at night as he needed attention every minute, guess he was enjoying all the company like mum, myself John, Michael, Louise, Teresa & Jo slept at mum's during our stay in Liverpool.

Mum had many visitors that week, we all have lots of nice memories to take away with us.


Teresa sadly could not join us in France.

I had to visit the doctor day before coming home a skin infection Impetigo (brought with me from France).

I needed antibiotics, this infection made me miserable at times my face was a mess and very sore, this did not spoil our stay, though I did miss out on a visit to Leeds with John & Louise to take John's mum out and catch up.

We all had a good flight back to Bergerac from Liverpool. Louise & Michael looked foreword to their holiday in south of France, sadly eldest daughter Teresa could not extend her time off work to join us with partner Jo. Louise saying good bye to Teresa & Jo.


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