Boating in France Archives 2009

Cruising in the South of France

Cruising the Canal du Midi from Carcassonne to Etang de Thau and to Toulouse and then onto the Canal de Garonne to Buzet. We've been exploring the Mediterranean beaches, day trips to Lourdes and the Dune du Pilat on the Atlantic coast and back to Moissac Port de Plaisasnce for our fifth winter mooring in France and our Australia trip.

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  • 65. January 2009
    Malras Carcassonne France and Storms
    We spent New Year in Malras and visited the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire on our way to Carcassonne Port, Lastours and John's birthday cake
  • 66. February 2009
    John's 60th birthday
    Family arrives for John's 60th birthday celebrations in the village of Malras. Moët-Chandon family in Carcassonne port.
  • 67. March 2009
    Carcassonne Liverpool family
    My birthday present was two nights in the Hard Days Night Hotel Liverpool... Happy cruising season from the Carcassonne boaters to all our friends & family.
  • 68. April 2009
    Carcassonne Trebes cruising Canal du Midi Wine Festival
    Cruising the Canal du Midi from Carcassonne port to Trebes and the Malras 2009 Toques et Clochers wine festival in France.
  • 69. May 2009
    Visiting London and Liverpool
    Uncle Richard with his friend John giving us a personal tour of the Chelsea Pensioners Home.
  • 70. May 2009
    Cruising the Canal du Midi
    Cruising from Carcassonne to Villeneuve les Beziers. The Canal du Midi is like a fine wine you take it in slowly, taste and sample every village as you cruise
  • 71. May 2009
    Wedding in London
    Theo and Gemma married in London a very special family wedding followed by a cruise on the Thames.
  • 72. June 2009
    Villeneuve les Beziers, sightseeing and beaches
    From our mooring in Villeneuve-les-Beziers we visited most of the beaches between Beziers and Etang de Thau, nice restaurants & bars, my beach cocktail was so nice.
  • 73. July 2009
    Canal du Midi Etang de Thau Toulouse
    This month John and I cruised the length of the canal du Midi from Etang de Thau to Toulouse, then continued on the Canal de Garonne to Moissac.
  • 74. August 2009
    Cruising Canal de Garonne from Toulouse to Moissac
    Two locks lead from the canal at Moissac on to the river Tarn, a wonderful cruising river, many boats just anchor on this river and go for a swim
  • 75. August 2009
    Katie and Mathew's Wedding Adel Leeds
    This old church had a wonderful feeling when you entered, warm and inviting also the church was filled with the smell of fresh cut flowers.
  • 76. September 2009
    Visiting Lourdes in the Pyrenees
    Lured to Lourdes - a childhood dream of mine to visit, the timing felt right for me to go.
  • 77. September 2009
    Cruising Moissac to Buzet on Canal de Garonne
    We enjoyed good moorings in all the ports while cruising from Moissac to Buzet and back on the Canal de Garonne.
  • 78. October 2009
    Cruising to Moissac and River Tarn
    We enjoy cruising the Canal de Garonne, a much quieter canal than the Canal du Midi, boats of all shapes sizes and colour.
  • 79. November 2009
    Trip to England Lake District
    Visit the Lake District where my brother has a new Log cabin on Lake Windermere
  • 80. November 2009
    Visiting Hong Kong trip
    Visiting Hong Kong on our way to Australia, Junk trip around the islands
  • 81. November 2009
    Visiting Perth Western Australia
    Sightseeing around Perth and the Swan River, the Perth Mint and our first sighting of a wild Kangaroo sent shivers up our spines
  • 82. December 2009
    Albany Western Australia Coast
    Visiting the Western Australia Coast from Perth to Albany, Treetop Walk in the Valley of the Ancient Giant Tingle trees near Walpole
  • 83. December 2009
    Perth to Adelaide South Australia
    Adelaide South Australia has a mediterranean coastal feel with a very pleasant town centre and lots of green hills surrounding this big country town