April 2005 Salon Nautique PaquesBoat

The gang at Saint Jean de Losne

We had some dreadful weather in April, as you can see from this photograph our Monday 5 mile morning walks went from wearing full winter clothes to wearing shorts the following week, so we could not trust the weather, this walk was cut short due to very strong winds, very icy indeed along the canal, but much fun all the same.

We had twelve for a dinner party on the Moet, cooking a wonderful boeuf bourguignon (everyone had seconds) I cooked this in our new big crock pot (birthday present from David Pam) we had a wonderful late night.

We had several dinner parties which we do all enjoy giving and attending.

PaquesBoat Saint Jean de Losne "salon nautique / boat show"

John and I visited some very nice boats indeed, we would need to win the lottery to buy one, but worth viewing for ideas, we had a nice day wandering around.

David and Pam managed to buy an out board engine for their fishing boat, they are now saving for the battery (so expensive in France) it's all spend spend spend owning a boat we feel, especially this month as we spend our euros getting ready for the summer. Boats can be such hard work sometimes.

Afternoon aperitif's on board Lea Crest to watch the sun go down with friends... April begins to grow, wow, wonderful to watch all the wild life and trees and flowers spring to life, and all the boaters out washing their boats, lots of coming and going on the pontoon's this months, many visitors too.

I was busy making lots of Birthday cards this month, many birthdays coming up, happy birthday to you if it's your birthday this month.

I loved this photo of the flower I took this using my macro lens on camera, as I went about clicking in april.

Old lock in Saint Jean de Losne wild life getting ready to pounce on the chicks as they are born.

Another expense this month was the visit to the wine cave at Nuit Saint George just wonderful wine, we had a shop trip from the marina, unfortunately I did not get a picture of all the boxes bought, but it became the new boat ballast for everyone as we stocked up for the summer.

Then we had to taste it of course when we got back.

Enjoyed a great meal out with Pam & David, we tasted frog legs,( I don't think I will try them again) we had snail's and many more of France's delights that night, meal went on for many hours and we arrived home very late and merry that night.

I like this photo David took of John & I... cheers everyone. Pam John & friends in the wine cave stocking up.

It was soon time to get ready for our trip to Canada, for Louise's graduation this month and we are so looking forward to having time with family again. Our Son Michael will be flying in also from England and will join us for this special occasion.

We said goodbye to Judy & Paul as they headed home the day before we left for Canada, their year off work had come to an end, they were sad to leave their boat, but looked forward to returning home to Canada and we arranged to see them later in the month.We had really enjoyed each other's company over the winter months in Saint Jean de Losne.

Arriving in Canada this photo of the CN Tower one of the highest structure's in the world.

Wonderful hot weather when we arrived for the first week. I brought winter clothes, good excuse to shop.


We attended two of Louise's last shows and enjoyed them very much, meeting all her friends and partying till the small hours in celebration of graduating from George Brown College, Toronto, all budding actors, now looking for work. Good Luck...


This photo of Louise on stage in the play Marriage a la Mode by John Dryden, excellent play. Louise's husband Martijn lifts Louise off the stage at the end of graduation night and said you did it, we did it, lets celebrate, lots of hard work on both sides. So proud of you both.

The full cast and 3rd year graduates...

Dear Brutus by J.M. Barrie we managed to see that show twice with Friends Judy, Paul, our son Michael, then with Martijn's parents Riet & Hein on final night.

Martijn & Louise's kitchen full of flowers and congratulations gift's well done Louise.

Another huge celebration was Louise & Martijn's sailing boat going in the water the same week, scary moment, it had never before been in the water... would she sink... no problem... went in like a dream, lots of hard work still to do, Martijn did a fine job of painting the bottom before she went in, boat needs a little more ballast as you can see, sails still to be attached yet... Martijn took this photo of his parents John & I and Louise on the boat, gosh it was cold that day. They named the boat the "Persuader". We wish them luck and many years happy sailing the lakes in Ontario, we look forward to sailing some time soon.


John and I were invited and drove up to Judy and Paul's wonderful home in Burlington and stayed for dinner meeting their daughter Sarah too, it was great catching up and meeting each other's family. Especially since we had just taken Mike to the airport and said good bye as he fly's back to Leeds & Bradford Airport.

Scary drive home from Judy & Paul's (busy roads in Canada) also the weather in Canada has changed, lots of rain now, no cats eye's to guide us either, weather just like France we thought. You could feel the stress on the roads... that's what we have given up we thought driving to work stuck in traffic jams.

We all met and moored on the same pontoon in France last winter. Judy Paul's daughter lives not far from our daughter in Toronto, and they live not far from were Louise & Martijn's boat is moored in Oakville... small world, no wonder we became friends, they know more English TV than we do. Hope to see you soon in France again.

We visited John's family in Aurora and had lunch with Aunt Doreen and cousin Sheila we also visited Doug in the nursing home so nice to see them and catch up with family news, just not enough time to see and do all we would like to do. though we did have lots of time with Louise and Mike (even though he was only here for a week), we shopped till we dropped all over Toronto, John bought a ton of books to take back to France.

Mike, John and I also found time to do a days gardening for Louise and Martijn to surprise them.

We packed in a lot in two weeks, it was sad our daughter Teresa could not make it, we missed her but soon we will all be together in France in the summer.

Some fantastic meals out too with friends and family. Thanks Louise Martijn we had a fab time, all too soon it ends and we have to say good bye, and depart. Louise is getting ready to fly to Cuba with friends.

Good journey home to France no problems at all with flights or trains.

Pam and David drove to Dijon to pick us up, always so nice to be welcomed back, what we did not expect was all the gifts they had made and left on our boat... David is a wiz designer and had made us a map holder for the back of the boat, he had made window frames for the mosquito netting and he had installed them all... photo to follow, we were thrilled

As usual I go into hiding for a few days... sadness at leaving family... tiredness... time difference, I soon come around, does not effect John as much, almost wish I could sleep for a month...

The day after arriving we were at Lawrence and Ann's house helping get ready for 30 people arriving for a BBQ Pam, David, John and I were on hand to help, everyone worked so hard, 15 English 15 French people from the village... house warming party.

David drinking wine, Jackie, Ann and John great night weather improved since we got back too. What a month, thanks everyone for such a good time...