March 2009 Carcassonne Liverpool family

Mum & sister Kathy - trying wedding out fits on in the hospital.

Mum in Liverpool hospital

Mum was rushed into hospital end last month. She was admitted with fractures of her vertebra caused by Osteoporosis. I flew to East Midlands airport from Carcassonne, son Michael met me then he drove me to Liverpool, to be with mum & the family.

I was so pleased to find mum out of danger and sitting up. The family had such a fright, an overdose was given to mum in the Royal Liverpool hospital, we almost lost our mum. It was a very emotional time indeed.

I stayed on in Liverpool for three weeks. It was sad to see the hospital group I trained with, fail in all aspects of mum's care. So much of the families time was taken up with complaints, so sad to see basic care in a hospital, not put into practice by some wards.

My old nursing days apartment in Liverpool, was sadly being knocked down

nursing apartment liverpool

I was transported back into my past, especially as I watched my old nursing accommodation built in the early 1970's (from my mum's ward) being knocked down. This was to make way for a new hospital. I was lucky to have a city centre apartment in Liverpool in my late teens early twenties. I would often walk into town and along the mersey - how it has all changed.

I kept Michael's car for 3 weeks,this was a big help to me, he traveled back by train to Manchester. We managed several nice meals out - either in Manchester or Liverpool, a wonderful feeling when family rally for one another.

The walks were a real trip down memory lane.

Liverpool Cathedral

Mum being so ill, brought the family that much closer, we had time to reflect on our past and catch up with each other. Those three weeks away from John were hard, this was the longest time we had ever been apart, also the most time I have ever spent in Liverpool, since leaving at the age of 21.

Each of my brothers and sisters cooked a meal and invited me over, we had time to just spend individual time together. What was especially nice was looking over old photographs.

March is a very busy month in deed with many family birthdays, anniversaries. This month a special hen weekend in Centre Parks in the Lake district. Gemma & Theo (my nephew) are to be married in the houses of parliament in Westminster, London. Mum loved to hear all the stories and see the photographs we shared with her.

Since I was in Liverpool my sister Kath said please come on the hen weekend, "it's my birthday treat to you Irene", what a treat it was too. Thanks Kath x

Bride to be Gemma having fun with family & friends in Centre Parks in the Lake District.

Bride Gemma with family and friends

Wall climbing in Centre Parks Lake District

Gemma her mum and family had planned to over come some of their fears by trying some different sports.

Our Party depart for a night out.

Centre Parks weekend

Centre parks was a wonderful weekend with much fun, we had two huge four bed roomed log cabins in the woods, we enjoyed some relaxing time here. Gemma & her family went for things they had not experienced before they wanted to conquer some of their fears. We had fun with many dares on our night out filled with tears from our laughter. It was so nice to share in these special family moments.

I came down with a bad chest infection after this weekend with several visits to the doctor in Liverpool and France oh dear not enough rest after this weekend I fear.

Aqua Sana Spa in Whinfell Forest, Centre Parks in the Lake District,

the spa sisters

We enjoyed a wonderful heated outdoor pool with views of the forest, sounds of the wild life, whilst we floated around with not a care in the world, (well we put our worries fears to one side for the day). The experience rooms took us on a wonderful journey as we surrender to almost complete relaxation. We had 7 hours of bliss here with a wonderful lunch and lots of new experience.

Hard Days Night Hotel Liverpool

My birthday present from John was two nights in the "Beatles hotel Liverpool". What a treat.

Hard Days Night Hotel Liverpool Boutique hotel inspired by the Beatles

John flew into Liverpool. I picked John up at Liverpool airport. We hoped to have two days shopping for the forth coming wedding, also some site seeing. Unfortunately due to my chest infection this was not meant to be - I spent first day in a walk in clinic, the rest of our time was spent in the room with room service. I could not even visit mum for a few days. I did not want to pass this infection on, mum was now in isolation with a hospital infection herself.

Our next celebration a few days later, was sister Sharon & husband Tommy's 30th wedding anniversary, celebrated in the cup room at Anfield, Liverpool football club.

Anfield, Liverpool - Sharon & Tommy at the chocolate fountain & John & I with the European cup.

Chocolate fountain

Liverpool European Cup

We had a wonderful evening helping Sharon & Tommy celebrate their 30th anniversary with more extended family, cousins and of course close friends, wonderful company, great food + all the cups Liverpool have won over the years in the room too.

My brother's & sister with the European cup now held by Liverpool Football club.

Family Cup

Click, click, click went all the camera's as we posed for this family photo, which way should we look! Mum was really pleased with this photo.

Get well wishes to mum from us all

Family photo at Liverpool fc

Some times it takes me a long time to send everyone a Cd of all the photographs, but Michael also helped with his new camera and together we took some great photographs. Brother Philip & Michele had put 30 years of lovely photographs of Sharon & Tommy's life in a book and presented it to them it was a lovely surprise.

Formby beach for a family picnic! Oh boy it was too cold...we took our picnic back to mum's.

Formby beach

Mum had many different mothers day's this week all filled with love. Mothers day for me was spent with daughter Teresa & son Michael on a beach in Formby, a very cold, windy day. Louise sent a lovely parcel from Canada which arrived on mothers day, just before we left for our picnic - how fitting a huge basket of fruit, I shared this with my mum later.

Time for me to go home later in the week, it was not easy leaving my mum in the hospital. Mum thought it was time I went home with John! We were on our way back home to Carcassonne, we had a 60th birthday lunch to arrange the day after we arrived back.

A good view of the port & boats as our plane approached, low over Carcassonne port.

Carcassonne port view from plane

We arrived back in Carcassonne, we were met at the airport by our friend David, such a nice surprise, someone was waiting for us. Another surprise was a new shiny boat, John had almost finished painting the boat while I was away.

Ursula & Mike arrived back in the port the day before our arrival, driving back from England. Their daughter married David in Goa last month, it was such a wonderful wedding & holiday. Ursula & Mike had so much to tell us we last seen them before Christmas, so much to catch up with, we had time now. Sadly Ursula & Mike came back to electrical problems on the boat which are still on going, hopefully fixed soon.

Ursula & Mike's daughter Natalie married David in Goa, India - as the sunset.

Natalie's wedding

Goa India wedding

Natalie & David's wedding video was stunning, John & I felt like we had attended the wedding, Congratulations to you both.

Our Visitors Jane & Christine enjoyed their 60th birthday lunch with us.

60th birthday lunch in Carcassonne port

We thankfully arrived back in time for our visitors, two of John's school friends Jane & Christine arrived on board, it was their last day in Carcassonne. They were here for their 60th birthday's.

We had promised them a cruise for their birthdays and a lunch on board on our return from England. Sadly we did not get to cruise, but we spent a very nice day celebrating both their 60th birthdays, (Jane's was today) and John's again, we had a lovely champagne lunch together, we sat in the sun for the afternoon, it was so nice to meet them both, we so enjoyed this day, with friends too, Ursula took this photos of us all.

Back in Carcassonne port for our farewell BBQ hosted by Jane & Mike on "Drumsara"

Farewell BBQ in Carcassonne port


For us it was nice to be back amongst our friends after I was away for so many weeks. The best behaved dogs in the port, all five dogs getting on well together.

Cheers everyone Happy cruising everyone.

Happy cruising from the Carcassonne boaters

Many friends are back from their travel's and in Carcassonne, ready to move their boats out of the port. Making way for the cruising season, the hire boats are soon due in. So we began many a meal aboard friends boats & the Moet as we said our farewell's and hello's again. We are all looking forward to the cruising season. The port was a busy scene, as we were all out cleaning our boats and the men preparing their engines ready for the BIG CRUISING DAY.

John has worked so hard on the Moet this month, he is so grateful to Earl for all the help & support he gave him while I was in Liverpool, and all the meal's friends cooked for him too.

A very Happy Healthy Cruising season to all our friends & family.