May 2009 Visiting London and Liverpool

Visit to Chelsea Pensioners

Uncle Richard arranged a special tour of the Chelsea Pensioners for his family - which also included John & I. We were privileged to have our own guide, a friend of Uncle Richards called John. He lives in the grounds here and helps run this wonderful 300yrs old establishment, John has such a passion for looking after the old veterans and the community here. We learnt such a lot on this tour about how this retirement home works.


Uncle Richard with his friend John giving us a personal tour of the Chelsea Pensioners Home.

The bedrooms are in the process of being brought into the 21st century and beyond - the first two ladies have joined the "Men in Red". We enjoyed a pint at the end of the tour before getting into a taxi and heading back to our hotel.

We bid our farewell to brother Philip, wife Michele and their sons. Next stop was to meet our son Michael and his partner John and move to another hotel.

It was a pleasure staying in a very chic modern hotel next. Michael's' friend Kal arranged our stay here. Five years has past since we last met with Kal. He booked this hotel for us a little some thing special for old friends he said - 'he had upgraded our rooms' was a delightful stay here. This hotel was on Mikes dream list of hotels to try.

Meeting Kal again - our stay in St Martins Lane Hotel - City of Westminster

Michael & partner John, bought us theatre tickets to see a play called "Enjoy" this play was enjoyed very much indeed. John & I went to the cinema also, as always London shopping is delightful, much site seeing, not much shoe leather left on our shoes, after our five days. We visited many markets, and even the canal at Camden.

John B. eating funny fish

Michael, Kal, John, Mat, me

Keely & Helen a special night

A meal & drinks evening for eight of us with Kal & partner Mat we were all helping Keely & Helen celebrate their engagement. Helen wrote will you marry me? in rose petals, YES Keely shouted. Congratulations to you both.

Sister Marie & I light a candle for mum - We then had a tour of this wonderful cathedral.

The night before we were due to fly back to France, I had the sudden urge to go visit my mum in Liverpool, so I bought a train ticket. Mum had been discharged from hospital. I needed to see if she was ok. John flew back to Carcassonne alone. I was soon on the train to Liverpool to surprise mum.

Mum & I had a good night we enjoyed take away fish & chips together. I told her all about the wedding and our trip to London. The following morning mum took very ill again. Mum was rushed into hospital, it was so very sad to see mum deteriorate so fast. It was a few days before she was ok again, a long road to her recovery. I spent a week in Liverpool at the hospital and with my family, mum's doing ok now.

My brother Frank teaching in the Liverpool Anglican cathedral - a dream he has long held.

Liverpool cathedral with my brother Frank, his son Francis and sister Marie. This was a very special day for Frank and Marie & I.

Frank and his family were not able to make the wedding, so for me it was all the more special being here for his big day. I sat in with the young children while Frank spoke about the 'dawn chorus', introducing these children to the birds and the wild life in their gardens and Liverpool. Frank was asked by the teachers if he would visit them in their schools and give more lessons - 'Frankie feathers' will return he said! Never mind the children I learnt a lot so did the teachers, a most enjoyable day was spent here.

Congratulations to my nephew Nathan & Claire a daughter Jasmine is born

Not long after Theo & Gemma's wedding a new nephew was born. Clare gave birth to daughter Jasmine, a few weeks early she decided to arrive, mum & baby doing well. Sister Kathy's family is growing fast.