May 2009 Family wedding in The Palace of Westminster

Family wedding in the Palace of Westminster seen here from the south bank of the River Thames

What a setting for my sister Kathy's & husband John's youngest son Theo's when he married Gemma in the Chapel of St Mary's Undercroft on the 1st of May 2009.

This photograph ( Wikipedia) won photo of the year in 2007 - I am not surprized. The Palace of Westminster has 1,100 rooms, 100 staircases, we climbed a few staircases for the photographs, I took as many photographs as their are rooms. 3 miles of corridors - in this 19th centry building. We got lost a few times and locked in!

Theo & Gemma's wedding in The Palace of Westminster - followed by a cruise on the river Thames.

We all had to have a security photograph taken before entering The Palace of Westminster, also known as The houses of parliment. John & I are standing in St Stephen's hall with our security pass proudly around our necks, we felt like royalty when we arrived with all the tourists looking on.

Theo, best man Paul

Bride Gemma


Theo, Gemma and their parents have worked very hard for many years to reach such a very special wedding day.

Chapel of St Mary Undercroft were Gemma & Theo said their vows.

A very moving service as both Gemma & Theo said their vows with such clear intent, no sign's of nerves here.

Making a wish when cutting the cake - may all your dreams come true.

Sister Kathleen put together the cake & display, I asked the offical photographer to take this photo of me with Theo & Gemma - I forget to ask to be included, so often lost in taking the photographs.

Intermit moments with the couple & their proud mum's & dads

Theo & Gemma were a joy to photograph - unfortunetley my camera let me down (I need a new one), my sister Sharon kindly lent me her carmer so I could carry on clicking away.

Family gather for more proud photographs as Big Ben strikes.

The photographer took Gemma & Theo off in the ground of Westminster and I look forward to seeing all the photographs when we next meet up.

Family & friends gathering on the steps of the big hall, as the sun beams in through the window.

The grand hall was all to ourselves after the wedding ceromony, so I had time to enjoy time with Theo & Gemma.

Gemma's dad - who would have thought, I would make my maiden speech in parliment.

The meal was befitting of such surroundings, the service here was superb, the speeches good too.

We had fun with exchanging hats today

Boarding the P.S. Elizabethan for our Thames disco cruise after ...... I Love you...

A warm welcome awaited us aboard The P.S. Elizabethan.

This boat is a perfect replica of an 1890s Mississippi Stern-wheeled Paddle Steamer beautifully reflects the style and craftsmanship of that bygone era. The red paddles were a joy to watch as we cruised along. Concealed, however, behind her Victorian exterior were truly elegant surroundings & great dance floor for us to swing the night away. The River Thames in London is a historic river, it's constantly changing & natural waterway - meandering through the heart of the City. The Thames gave us unobstructed views of London's most famous landmarks from the Elizabethan.

Thames river cruising at it's best

We had such a good time aboard this boat, the setting of the sun, the relaxed atmosphere added to everyone's enjoyement.

Having fun aboard the Elizabethan

Some my favorite photograph moments of family and friends having fun together- smile please!

The first dance as husband and wife

This was our first cruise on the river Thames and we enjoyed the wonderful sunset, especially all the magic stops for photographs as we cruised along, dancing & laughing the night away.

Congratulations Theo & Gemma this was truly a wonderful day THANK YOU XX