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Our dream was born several years ago after a canal and river boating holiday.

We dreamed of owning our own boat; we came home, bought some property, worked hard night and day doing them up after our day jobs... We then rented each one out and started setting up a way in which we could retire early.

The boat appeared in a dream to me in April 2001, the "Moet" found us... and brought new friends and a different way of life to enjoy and discover...

We bought the boat in 2001 and started winding down and spent each weekend traveling up and down the canals, every moment we could grab we were off on the boat... more leisure time, less work and it got to the point where we were most happy on the boat.


Our first hire boat Baby Blue
Our first hire boat "Baby Blue"

moet's front cabin


We ended our working careers on December 19th 2003 and what a momentous decision it was too. It wasn't easy leaving a lifestyle lived for thirty years. Leaving our beloved home was not easy, it was very sad as we packed up and sold our home, choosing to move from a very hectic working and social life.

It's a decision we don't regret, though there have been times when I have been know to shout "I want to go home and go back to work".

Those feelings didn't last.

Being a water gypsy must be in us both. John hasn't missed work for a second, especially the stress!! We want to travel around England and Europe and do all the canal and river systems in France.

They have better weather in the south, they also have thousands more miles of canal and river to explore.

The culture and language could be a big challenge but we have always loved challenges in the past. We never know what is around the next bend (not too many supertankers we hope!!)... Traveling around the world is also on our list of things to do soon. Perhaps learn to fly, who knows!!! We know life can change in the blink of an eye so we want to enjoy the moments we have been given.