June 2005 Paris Port Arsenal-Bastille marina

Port de Plaisance Paris, our home in the Centre of Paris

We were moored right at the top of this marina near the Bastille from 20th June to 18th July (A week spent in Canada). Paris Port Arsenal-Bastille marina is just off the River Seine via a lock, when we arrived Mike was on the river bank showing us the way in, they had arrived same morning we arrived around 7pm. We had wonderful weather throughout our stay, a few storms at night at the beginning which cooled the boat down nicely, many music concerts held here as it was the month of music festivals for Paris. Sat on front deck glass of wine enjoying the music.

Wedding Anniversary shared with Mike & Kay

We enjoyed a wonderful meal on 21st June our 30th wedding anniversary, it was a special day for Paris too, the summer Jazz festival was the same evening, thousands of fans joined us just out side the restaurant, (at one point we thought the fans would be joining us inside the restaurant). We were able to sit on the boat later and enjoy the music till 3am in the morning, a very good introduction to our stay in Paris. I was very adventurous and tried Oysters... reminded me of Whitby!

Kay and Mike arrived same day in the Arsenal Marina and were very helpful in getting us a mooring. Not many moorings in centre of Paris.

I am very good at finding my way around Paris now.

John very much enjoyed a trip to Ireland, a boys long weekend fishing or golfing, & drinking. John flew into Leeds from Paris then driving on to Ireland following morning. On his return he spent a few days with family and friends and enjoyed his time very much. We much need a break from each other, some very stressful moments over the last few months. My friend Sue joined me in Paris for some wedding shopping she gets married here in France in September, we enjoyed many special moments. We danced in fountains, we walked in the Gay Pride festival, we walked and talked endless hours, we toured many sites all over Paris in our four days together, we even managed the Paris Show, we relaxed too when needed. We even took a boat trip along the River Seine taking in the most beautiful pathway through Paris with it's grandiose views of the capital

Sue on top of the Moet and splashing about in the fountain on a very hot day, we had fun.

One of the many boat trips up and down the Seine, such a busy river, with some big boats.

Irene in Paris alone... wonderful time camera in hand, shopping bag in other... off I went.

Our daughter Louise was to join us in Paris but circumstances in Canada changed all our plans Louise was unable to join us for the two weeks we had planned. It was very sad indeed for us all, I made arrangements to join her in Canada when John returned from Ireland. I made the most of my time visiting the Louvre, many parks (400) Center of Paris. I shopped for some thing to wear for Sue's wedding in Sept the sales were on in Paris what more could I ask, might as well make the most of it John hates shopping. I was on & off the tube like a Parisian. I even had a new hair cut which I was so pleased with felt good putting on some glad rags and exploring on my own. All this walking in the sunshine was good for the soul. I light many candles in different churches. My energy now returning at last.

Some golden moments with my camera, take a look see what you think.

People Love to get dressed up in Paris whether going out for the evening or sunbathing side of river.

I loved talking these photos while in Paris as much as the beautiful settings and monuments.

This is a delightful city with so much culture. France is the most visited place in the world, I felt safe alone in centre of Paris in the marina it was very secure, I shocked myself having a wonderful time alone, exploring what I wanted, not had this pleasure before a holiday on my own, with no one else to please but myself it felt good. I was a master of the tube when my legs tired of walking, not relying on anyone but myself, I made many trips to the airport in the last month and feel I know Paris as much as Leeds. Met some wonderful kind people here in Paris.

Some very nice places to rest have a drink & bite to eat.

Just how I imagined Paris to be, this was my very first experience of the city. I do enjoy being in a city, something for everyone Paris is multifaceted, magical and mythical in parts, some times little secret path ways (or metro) taking you on surprising journeys little villages still retaining the Paris of days gone by and it was so nice to have the time to rome about. Over 1,800 classified monuments 170 museums if you visited every piece on display in the Louvre alone & spent one minute at each it would take you over 4 months to view each one... (They close on Tuesdays). I wished for more time in Paris. John said we need to win the lottery or go back to work, not an option right now.

River Seine... were we had daily walks up and down the left and right bank, sunshine every day.

John's return... nice to have him home again.

I met John at Paris airport and we traveled back together by train & tube, he was amazed to see how much I had learnt over the last week while he was away... we had a wonderful time swapping stories, we also had to make arrangements to fly to Canada, we were up and off the following morning to book our flights, when do you want to go the assistant said tomorrow was our reply, flights booked travel agent said, now to make safe Moet while away and to pack the suitcases again.

A sad time for Paris losing out in 2012 but many celebrations in England we won... YES!!!

Many thanks to Havelock for this wonderful photo, thought you might enjoy the moment. Well done England, Moet on the Thames in 2012 who knows, we have some friends enjoying the river Thames right now with good weather too. I felt the sadness for the people of Paris, as they dismantled and came to terms with their loss.

Have you had chance to look at the new map in our update pages, Willem has designed the map with great success you can track our where about's in France. The red line is our travels for the month in which you look or the mooring we are at. We have been very lucky to secure a mooring down south in the City of Carcassonne (winter sunshine) we will be making our plans to head down south when we leave Paris.