July 2005 Paris to Auxerre

Paris is so warm... people cooling down in fountains a joy to watch people having fun.

It was good to be home boat safe, though moved a space, The Arsenal is good marina to leave your boat. We rested read and sat and got back into our time zone again (6 hours difference from Canada) for a few days. when we felt ready we did the romantic side of Paris, visiting many different places, strolling about eating sensible food (salads) too hot for much else. Just enjoying being health again and together, the break did us both good.

Top of the Arch de Triomphe in Charles de Gaulle Square.

We were put off climbing the stairs over 300 (in 40 degrees) in all, I all most walked away, but I was determined to view Paris and all the 12 avenues. I asked if it was possible to go by lift due to my knee (I showed it to them, John hid) of course madam come this way (they have a lift!!!)... we were off to the top. The views were stunning to say the least especially the Avenue des Champs-Elysees as Paris was getting ready for the 14th of July Parade it's streets decked with flags of a thousand colours.

It was a beautiful clear day for making the most of the views. We had walked here from the Bastille through the parks and followed the route of the Parade, we went to the top of the Eiffle tower at midnight to see Paris at night after doing a sunset cruise along the Seine, we did not want the day to end we had dinner over looking the tower, we arrived back to the boat at 2am... no keys... locked out of the marina, we had to make our way to security and be let in the marina a mile from the boat... we fell into bed... magic day. Rested and read the following day wrote post cards.

Sunsets... sunrises... gold statues all made for a wonderful week sight seeing together.

We enjoyed this city....the good the bad... not enough toilets for one and oh the rubbish at times people just discarded. So many people here so much going on all over the city, midnight picnics were many along the Seine as people met up for evenings together, large groups, small groups, candles, singing and much music. We felt so privileged to be doing what we are doing and just savoured all the moments.

Day in Montmartre world famous for cafes & artists.

Place du Tertre was one of those magic places you could sit in for hours and we did... afternoon tea, then dinner it was high up so we caught the funicular up (like a ski lift) to top,the wonderful views of Paris from Basilique du Sacre-Coeur (church perfect place for meditating inside or out). The artists working in the square were of the best I have seen in Paris, it was a joy watching them work, all the different ways of art were here. I wanted to get my brush out and join in, or sit for an artist. The little cobbled streets were great to explore too. Drinks later that evening overlooking Theatre Moulin Rouge... should we we said... No we decided, lets have a romantic evening over the weekend before we leave Paris enjoy this wonderful weather the views and choose a place that is walking distance for us (case we get tipsy).

Our Romantic night out spent on a boat restaurant overlooking Notre Dame

We decided not to go see a show this time, better in winter we decided, we were lucky to get a table over looking Notre Dame on the river, to watch the sunset (see photo up the page). We had champaign to start, and a wonderful meal (best ever). This photo was by a couple on the next (best) table, he had just proposed, she was in such shock she turned to just and said he just proposed... we were so pleased to witness such a joyous occasion, it was wonderful to see the joy in their faces and we got chatting, they were from Sweden and spoke good English, we were able to say we have just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary and we are still celebrating.

Clearing Paris after all celebrations Police ride about using roller skates new tourist attraction wheels.

We are sorry to be leaving this city, but look forward to cruising again, also looking forward to brother Philip & family arriving.

Seine River onto the Yonne River

On the move again... for second trip & fond memories.

We set off to very choppy waters indeed as we traveled the river Seine out of Paris as the weather changed, we had some cloudy days it was good to have the wind blowing in the face and lots of fresh air, bird song too as we left the hussle and bussle of Paris moored in much more serene places. We moored up at our first lock out of Paris and stocked up on supplies of beer and food for my brothers visit. It has been a while since we stocked up. Traveling into the next lock the following day was like traveling on the sea, we thought the bikes might fall off we rocked about that much, no damage done. We moored again in St Mammes but oh boy it was like a choppy north sea, so we moved from the quay and sheltered on the inside of a huge hotel boat, thank goodness for the shelter too.

Arrived in Joigny on the river Yonne safe and on time for my brother's arrival.

Just enough time for us to spruce the boat and prepare we thought... family arrived almost 3 hours early and found us busy cleaning the boat and washing windows to our favourite music... Walt Disney tunes, no time for us to wash as you can see in the photo, but they didn't mind, out came the champaign. Marc helped me in the kitchen prepare food.

Soon eating drinking and having much fun, family brought with them supplies of Yorkshire tea bags, salad cream and much love too. We had time to visit a caravan & mobile home show room, not far from Sens, it's their passion and dream to own a motor home, prices appeared cheaper than in the uk... they love France and have been coming for the last eight years for summer holidays, camping and traveling.

Family catch up time. shopping trips. BBQ. Marc swimming in the river Yonne. nature watching too

We had time to give driving lessons on how to handle Moet... Phil Michele & Marc were awarded their captains hat for controlling the Moet in windy weather, though Michele thought Philip should slow down a little, Marc managed to catch his mum and calm her down as Phil under took a 180 degree turn... Marc enjoyed swimming and jumping off the Moet into the river Yonne, too soon the visit came to an end and they set off to continue their holiday in the south of France returning to us on their way home, for a cruise on the Canal du Nivernais our next destination for August.

Sunflowers fields and fields of them along the River Yonne a favourite river of ours...

We decided to rest and explore Joigny for a few days before moving onto Migennes (see map top of page) hopefully we will receive our mail from England forwarded onto us by John's mum. We are now bound south for the mediterranean like the swallows do for the winter, taking our time and graced by hopefully our holiday clock (no hands or as on Pam & David's boat, their clock goes backwards), enjoying central France, having time with family & friends throughout August & September, we have much to look forward to. Time continues to travel too fast for us. Arrival in Migennes was special, as that's were we started almost one year ago, meeting old friends and new, lots of shared meals and just being was so nice, what storms in central France, oh much damage to trees & buildings we were very lucky although we heard the storm, we were safe in Migennes the hurricane stopped just outside Migennes. We were told much damage done on the Nivernais canal and surrounding area's.

Auxerre Meeting up with friends Ursula & Mike what a way to end the month.

Our arrival in Auxerre end July was magic, we had arranged to meet up with Ursula & Mike our treasured french friends on Bon Adventure, and the offer of us going all going out for a curry in Auxerre (only true India restaurant we have found). that's one thing John misses very much his curry nights out.

He did not have to wait long, Ursula had also cooked a lamb curry ready and waiting with a saved mooring next to them, in the same spot we moored last year, how different it felt traveling the river Yonne this time.

Free mooring free electric and water, from the hotel boat moored next to us. Magic moments.