November 2009 Visiting Perth Western Australia

Alan, Earl and Judith down under - A big Thank you.

We arrived in Perth after an enjoyable 8 hour flight from Hong Kong. Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world. The nearest major city is Adelaide, in South Australia, a journey of over 2800 kilometres. Perth is also closer to Bali than it is to Sydney.

Australia is the biggest Island in the world with around 8,221 Islands in the waters that surround her. Western Australia, covers more than two and half million sq km and has 3,747 off shore Isles, "WA" has more Isles than any other Australian state.

Jude and Alan's new BBQ area

Judith and Alan have just finished renovating their lovely home this year.

Balacasa developments

Our friend Earl on Barge Colibri said you can't go to Australia without staying with my mum and dad. Alan and Jude kindly offered us their home as a base during our stay in Perth. A very warm welcome from Alan at the airport on our arrival in Perth

Our first steps in Australia with Jude and Alan could not have been more welcomed. They live a stones throw from the beautiful Swan river and our first day, was spent taking in the wonderful views and sky line of Perth.

Swan River and Perth sky line - great walks along this river.

View of Perth from the Swan RiverView of Perth from the Swan River

Jacaranda is a sub tropical Tree, this photograph was taken in Applecross, Perth

Jacaranda trees in Applecross PerthJacaranda trees in Applecross Perth

We visited Freemantle (a city in it's own right), we watched the sunset over the port then drove back to Perth with our guides Jude and Alan. An Australian BBQ of Trout, our first night was magic and we had a wonderful evening. November was a very busy time for Jude and Alan, with lots of dinner parties to arrange.

The first few days were not as warm as we thought it would be in OZ, it was still spring here. The streets were a riot of colour, especially the tree's. Totally amazing the riot of purple, my most favourite colour. WA possess more wild flowers than any other state, Kings Park we saw a wealth of plants when exploring this park.

City Sightseeing around Perth

We bought ourselves a day rider into town, for the buses, train's and the ferries, this was a very reasonable way of getting around. We visited the very helpful tourist board, and visited quiet a few tourist attractions over two days.

All the city centre buses are free of charge, the distinctive buses - red, blue or yellow, depending on your route. We board them all, enjoying a good view of the city. A lot of colonial architecture is preserved.

City Sightseeing Perth TourCity Sightseeing Perth Tour

Perth Mint

We visited the Perth Mint, to discover the history of the gold rush days. We enjoyed lifting a gold bar, worth one million pounds, we then watched how they melt this bar down, (it was warm in that room) and so much security no chance of taking this bar home. Melting this bar has been done many times for the tourists and never once has an ounce ever been lost.

French artists were in Perth to create a world book - guess who took part

The city centre art festival was fun, the French artists were setting up photographs for producing A World Book, not sure were this will go on show, but I was chosen to be entered in this book. So look out.

Vicki and Max 'Kulali' we enjoyed a very relaxing day - cruising on the Swan River together.

Cruising the Swan River

Boating friends Max and Vicki from boat "Yavanna" which is moored in Holland. We first met them in Moissac France in 2006. Over the years, they have sent us many photographs of Perth, we promised to visit and them on day. Cruising on "Kulali" was for us a magic moment indeed. We anchored up and enjoyed lunch aboard, watching a yacht race on this busy river. Poor John was in the sun too long and had a very red face at the end of the day. Their French style home on this river enjoys lovely views.

John was happy taking the wheel of Max's boat then later Mike and Jenny, but it's so different from a tiller, also being out at sea, this was good feeling the wind behind us. We enjoyed our time with Max and Vicky. Sadly never enough time to do all we would like.

Captain John takes the wheel on Max and Mikes boat - John was in his element in the sunshine.

Captain JohnCaptain John

Maritime Museum and Freemantle harbour

Freemantle harbourFreemantle harbour

This harbour was a busy place, Max says tons of cargo boats enter the port here, with countless variety of vessels. I enjoyed seeing Steve Irwin's boat moored near here.

Jude and Alan love to entertain - we were very well looked after.

Dinner party

Lovely meals and great nights out during our stay. A highlight was meeting Jude and Alan's friends at this dinner party, the best Oysters I have eaten. The hosts with the most, they both love to entertain friends and family, Alan and Jude work so well together.

Jude, Vicki, Alan, Irene, Max and John

Walzing Matilda

The Aussie icon.

kangaroo zoo in Perthkangaroo zoo in Perth

Visiting the Zoo in Perth to see Oz animal's roaming free was indeed a lovely day out, we fed the Kangaroo's and I handled some snakes.

One of the most recognisable animal is the Australian Kangaroo, they are well adapted to live in this environment. In times of drought, kangaroos will hold food in their digestive system for longer periods to absorb every bit of moisture. The females also have the ability to halt the development of an embryo until conditions improve. Kangaroos are born hairless, blind and barley larger than a jelly fish, (my legs went like jelly - my first sighting of a joey - this was caught on camera). Like other marsupial's, the newborn young uses it's sense of smell to locate the mothers pouch where it will suckle milk and continue to growing. Takes several months before the joey will begin to explore the outside world.

Our first sighting of a wild Kangaroo, sent shivers up our spines, we have arrived in Australia.

wild kangarooswild kangaroos

kangaroo with baby in pouchkangaroo with baby in pouch

Australian dragonflyAustralian dragonfly

Penguin off for a swimPenguin off for a swim

A famous photograph is a perfect end to our Perth visit - thank you very much Jude and Alan

Earl arrived from France, to spend Christmas with his family. Our last night in Perth was spent with Earl and his family, this was the icing on the cake. A few bottles of good wine were sampled this night.

Albany Highway was our first drive in Australia

kangaroo road sign

We had the loan of Alan's car, we took the opportunity to explore the Albany Coast. We also enjoyed the chance to visit some friends Jenny and Mike in Mandurah. I did not enjoy seeing all the dead Kangaroos on our journey to Albany. It was quite a shock to see so many lying in the road, we were warned - do be careful when driving during dusk or dawn.

I was stopped by the police, for a random breath test, (11am), only five minutes into my first ever drive on Australian roads giving John a rest.

The police officer asked me which part of Liverpool I came from? He had worked near to were I had once lived. After he checked my licence, he said, "I don't think you have had three cases of beer mam" So off you go. mind the Kangaroos it's been a bad day for them today. The police officer did not give me a breath test after all, was it because I was from Liverpool???

"Throw your dream's into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country." - Annais Nin.

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